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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Spans!

•An average elephant lives for about 55 years.

•A butterfly lives for about 6 months.

•A gorilla lives to about 40 years of age.

•A queen honeybee lives for about 7 years.

•A shark lives for about 100 years.

•An average lion lives for 25 years.

•An average parrot lives for 120 years.

•Ants may live up to 16 years.

•Dolphins live for about 25 years.

•Eagles live for about 40 years.

•Giant tortoises live to be 200 years old.

•Rattlesnakes live for about 19 years.

•The longest-lived insects are queen termites, which live for up to 100 years.

•The oldest known goldfish lived to 41 years of age.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fight the real enemy!

I'm often taken back by the way in which animal rights activists interact with each other. If we are all fighting for the same solution why are we attacking each other and not the real enemy?

The government has the loudest voice of all, but because animal rights don't benefit them they turn their back. Animals can't vote for their own freedom, so we need to speak up. If everyone worked together we would be able to show the government that for our vote there needs to be changes. It almost seems like instead of fighting for the animals people are fighting to get there message heard the loudest. For the people who truly want the best for the animals being affected by humans "need" for power, it doesn't matter who is saying it, as long as it's being heard. I've always respected Peta's ability to bluntly get their words across. Many people have grown to hate them and their over the top ways to spread their message, but I've always showed my support by signing all of their petitions and keeping up-to-date on their progress. I've learned lately that, although peta does a lot for animal welfare (which is greatly appreciated), their ideas on how the word needs be to spread is often bashed. There are websites, blogs, pages, and facebook groups all dedicated to bringing down Peta.

Let's just say one person spends 20 mins a day bashing peta. That's roughly 9 hours a month, which is over 100 hours a years spent on bringing down another animal welfare group instead of helping the millions of animals in need.

Another reason the back and forth between animal rights groups is unproductive is because that's taking away from the original issue. People are so sick of hearing about the same issues over and over that it's disturbing there "out of sight, out of mind" way of life.

For the people who are sick of hearing from animal rights groups. My mom was always bugging me to clean my room, ALWAYS. It didn't occur to me until now that to stop her from nagging all I had to do was clean my room. Well, if you don't want to hear about animal cruelty, global warming, saving the environment, and all that other repetitive stuff that we talk about just help. Recycle, stop supporting fast food restaurants (not only will the animals benefit from that but your health will too!), turn the lights off when you're not using them, take the bus or walk when you have the chance, and adopt pets instead of buying them.

I've eaten meat. I've gone to McDonalds. I've used twice as much toilet paper then needed. I've thrown a plastic bottle in the garbage. But I've also realized what I need to do to help and made the life changing decision to use my ability as a "superior" to animals and get them on the path to there natural habitat.

Fight the real enemy!

It doesn't seem like the human race will every be able to compromise and decide on a correct path for stopping animal cruelty. Instead of attacking each other we need to attack the real enemies. why not put the attention on the government, who is allowing all this inhumanity to go on? Why not go after the people who are actually causing these animals all this pain?

Yes, I agree! Peta does have extreme ways to get there point across, and their way of going about teaching young kids isn't necessarily right in a lot of peoples minds (including mine) but they are getting noticed and they are being listened too.

I realise that everyone is trying to help -So am I- but we need to see that the way information is being protraded now is only making people irotated.

We need to find a way for people to naturally want to help.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quotes I Have Fallen in Love With.

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.  ~Albert Schweitzer

Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?  ~Pierre Troubetzkoy

God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.  ~Jacques Deval, Afin de vivre bel et bien

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.  ~William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922

No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.  ~Murray Banks

Hunting is not a sport.  In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game.  ~Paul Rodriguez

Cockfighting was illegal in Oklahoma until 1963, when a judge ruled that chickens are not animals and therefore unprotected by anticruelty laws.  ~U.S. News & World Report, 6 December 1999

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.  ~Author Unknown

Drinking without being thirsty and making love at any time, Madame, are the only things that distinguish us from other animals.  ~Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, The Marriage of Figaro, 1784, translated

I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls.  They always say because it's such a beautiful animal.  There you go.  I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.  ~Ellen DeGeneres

The animals of the world exist for their own reasons.  They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.  ~Alice Walker

Those who wish to pet and baby wild animals "love" them.  But those who respect their natures and wish to let them live normal lives, love them more.  ~Edwin Way Teale, Circle of the Seasons, 1953

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.  ~Bradley Millar

Because the heart beats under a covering of hair, of fur, feathers, or wings, it is, for that reason, to be of no account?  ~Jean Paul Richter

Wear your own skin.  ~As seen on a shirt at

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.  ~St. Francis of Assisi              

Friday, August 13, 2010

Look at it this way!

“If you would not volunteer to experience even a small portion of what farmed animals go through or if you feel subjecting companion animals to the same fate is morally repulsive, then isn’t that reason alone to consider a system of eating that is not founded on the subjugation and exploitation of other sentient, feeling beings?”

I found this quote online and thought it needed to be repeated.

The four B's -Bear Bile Belongs in Bears

Did you know there are readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile?
In South Korean there are over 1400 bears suffering the cruelty of bear bile farms. For ten years their stuffed into cramped cages waiting to be slaughtered for their bile.

Click here to be directed to the petition that tells the Korean parliament to support a ban on bear bile farming.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ways to make a difference.

Not dedicated enough to participate in protests but still want to help?

Don’t have the funds to donate money?
No time to attend fundraisers?
Just want to help as much as possible?

It’s easier then you think to help stop animal cruelty.

As much as donations and fundraisers help, life is busy. I personally found it hard to get involved because the city I lived in didn’t have much to offer. Have you every heard the saying “It’s the little things that count”? There is so many small ways to show your support without spending money and using precious time.

Please check out my “Ways to make a difference” page to the right. It will give you quick tips and options to help fight the war on animal cruelty.